There’s no doubt about it, we all get confused and irritated when we are searching for a particular book in a big library, and that’s a real fact. Technically, we manage to find books which are not really suited to what we are looking for. It’s a reality that all the authors in the world claim to have the right information written in their books. We’ll we don’t really care about it if your not into that particular kind of stuff. As long as you find the thing you’re looking for in it, well it’s not really a big deal.

But today, growing numbers of publications and physical references throughout the globe are still growing on a steady pace, and so we welcomed the online reference. It’s like a big library archived on a single or multiple servers. You just simply sit, relax and enjoy your coffee while navigating though the web. It’s now basic a necessity that online reference should exist.

Now you might think that physical references are nothing compared to the digital references you have on the web. It’s not that kind of waste since the library archives are well preserved and traditional researchers and readers would enjoy giving their effort to go to the library and do their routines and hobbies. For more information about online reference and tips, you can go ahead and watch the video below, enjoy!